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About us

January 12, 2007 on the basis of the Decree of the Governor of the Samara region from 19.10.2006 №239 and the Agreement of 29 November 2006 on cooperation for the establishment and operation of regional resource centers "Presidential Management Training Program" between the Government of the Samara Region and the Ministry of Economic Development and trade of the Russian Federation registered State institution of Samara region "Samara regional resource center". Resolution of the Government of Samara Region of 30.11.2011 number 766 as a result of changes in the type of institution created state-owned Public Institution of Samara region "Samara Regional Resource Center" (MAS CO "Samara RRP").

Founder of MAS CO "Samara RRC" is Samara region, on behalf of which the respective functions and powers are implemented case management department of the Governor of the Samara region and the Samara Region Government, the Ministry of Property Relations of the Samara region.).

Methodological guidance and coordination of the activities of the Civil Code CO "Samara RRC" carried out by the Administration of the Governor of the Samara region.).

The objectives of the MAS CO "Samara RRC" are:

  • management training for national economy organizations of the Russian Federation;
  • retraining and advanced training of civil servants and municipal employees of Samara Region.).

In accordance with this defined a wide range of activities MAS CO "Samara RRC", including: participation in the implementation of the State Plan for management training for national economy organizations of the Russian Federation; assist in the formation of effective personnel policies at different levels; ensuring the formation and training of managerial personnel reserve in the Samara region, and others.).

A significant result of the activities is to provide educational programs, financed from the budget, in particular - in the implementation of management training programs for the Russian Federation national economy organizations, known as the Presidential program).

The target audience of many educational programs coordinated by the Civil Code CO "Samara RRC" are civil servants of the Samara region and the municipal officials of Samara region. These programs are implemented on the basis of leading higher education institutions.).